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Replacing heavy equipment parts should be a standard part of your repair schedule, not just when things break down. Doing this before they malfunction will keep your heavy machine in good condition and improve its reliability.

Poorly maintained construction equipment can lose value in the long run. You should aim to replace parts and conduct regular maintenance to keep the value of your heavy machine up, should you need to sell it in the future.

The replacement of worn-out pieces will:

  • Make sure you machine is always running.
  • Lower long-term operating costs
  • Lead to improved performance.

If one element of your heavy equipment machine fails, other components have the possibility to be affected as well. Lowering the likelihood of part failure will reduce the safety risks to operators, goods and the machine itself.

We sell a wide range of replacement heavy equipment parts on our online store.

OEM vs Aftermarket parts

We only sell aftermarket parts. Some people might be confused about the differences between OEM and Aftermarket parts. Here’s a quick explanation:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) components are directly made by the manufacturers themselves. They are identical to the parts built with your heavy machine. Any component made by someone other than the manufacturer is an aftermarket product. 

What is the better for your heavy machine, OEM parts or aftermarket parts? Here are what we think are the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Let’s look at OEM heavy equipment parts first:


Simple choice – In comparison to aftermarket parts, there is usually only one type of OEM part. You don’t have to compare multiple versions of the same part, which makes it easier to make a decision. 

Consistent quality – Such parts are designed to operate precisely like the original part. You can be 100% sure that the OEM part works the same as the one it replaces. You will also get a comprehensive warranty. 


Significantly more expensive – Some parts can cost significantly more compared to aftermarket parts, sixty per cent more in some cases.

Not as easily found – OEM parts are less widely available than aftermarket parts.

Now let’s consider Aftermarket heavy equipment parts:


Less expensive – Aftermarket products are generally lower in price than OEM components, so cost savings can be substantial.

More readily available – Aftermarket parts are easily available at many independent stores and online retailers. This means you will get the part you need more quickly.

Potentially better quality – As these parts were made after the originals, many sidestep the problems found in the OEM versions and improve upon their performance.

A better range of options – You will decide what is important for your machine. For example, you could get an aftermarket brake disc from us which slows your heavy machine down better than the OEM part, at the expense of a little extra noise. You can decide whether it’s worth the extra noise. 


A vast choice – The choice of replacement parts on offer can be overwhelming, so make sure you know what you are looking for.

No warranty for some – Some retailers don’t offer a warranty with their aftermarket parts, but we do!

We include a warranty with our all aftermarket parts

Unlike aftermarket parts bought normally, industry-standard guarantees protect the parts we sell. Guarantees vary between 6 and 48 months and between 500 and 4000 hours of use, depending on the type, usage and manufacturer of the part.

We work with only the best suppliers who back up their parts with a warranty. If something goes wrong, you can be sure that we will support you, and that service is as standard.

We get your part to where it needs to be. Fast.

With over 180,000 parts in 80 warehouses nationwide, you’re never far away from getting that one part that you need to get back to work. Our delivery time might only be 1-2 days from your place of business, home or work. We provide ground, expedited or overnight shipping options that will get your parts to where you need them. 

The part you need is only a few clicks away

We’ve made shopping for aftermarket parts quick and easy. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to our website.

Step 2: Browse the ‘Parts categories’ dropdown on the top left of the page, and look for your part category. If you know exactly what you are looking for, find it instantly using the search bar.

Step 3: Find what you are looking for, and add it to your cart by clicking on the cart logo next to the product.

Step 4: Go to the checkout by clicking on the shopping cart logo on the top right corner, and input your payment and address details.

Step 5: Receive your part in as little as 1-2 days!

Broken parts lead to downtime, which will likely cost you money. If you have parts that are readily available to replace your most commonly damaged ones, you can get back to work immediately. Even though our shipping times are short, being ready ahead of time will allow you to continue working without disruptions.

If you’re ready to find the part you need, why not browse our online store? If you have any further questions, don’t be afraid to send us a message.



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